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Id like to get up one day see myself in the newspaper in the How I made my first Million column.
Id love to have a halo behind my head.
Id want the Mossad to consult me before they decide who theyd like as their chief.
Id want to have the final say on the contents of Page 3 of Londons Sun.
Id want to laze around in the Carribeans trying to locate my private satellite with the naked eye.
Id want to give flying lessons to Russian pilots on their Su-30 MK.
Id love to have an affair with Liz Hurley.
Id want to be Indias Ambassador to the United States. I really want to!!!
Id want to pay my way up as a solo audience to a Floyd Concert.
Id love to give a free ride to Schumey on the Ferrari.
Id want to be rocket-launched into space to negotiate peace with warring extra-terrestrials.
Id love to teach Amitabh the nuances of improving ones baritones.
Id surely love to be able to communicate with animals, ask them about their problems and assure my help.
Id love to go back in time to meet JFK.
Id want to play nuclear war games with rogue nations.
Id love to attain Nirvana.
Id love to fly.
Id love to novel best sellers all the year round.
Id want to build a small mansion in the clouds overlooking some countries.
Id want to own a string of yachts.
Id want to be a familiar face on Home Box Office.
Id love to throw rave parties on the moon.
Id want to tutor Satriani on how to pull the strings.
Id love to create history, some physics and possibly some chemistry too.
Id want to take turns on Free Kicks with Beckham.
Id love to be invisible at times.
Id want to win always.
Id really want to change the way people look at life.

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