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Now that you are here..

Hi !!!
How ya doin?
Now that you have landed up here, I welcome you to my abode on the web.
Guess you'd allow me to take you on a ride that this soul has been on the vehicle called Life…
It's been a great one so far.
Trust your self to find no organized outlook or even vaguely conforming to established standards but a random peek into what I feel needs to be mentioned. To make your life easier and saner just follow the links wherever they appear, let's assume at the moment, they advert to a rule of organized chaos.
And any freak attempt to define your own path of continuity would only ruffle this tranquility. Though a sedulous effort has been done to maintain at least a chronic flow, there are potential chances of me having overlooked a few scholastic norms.
All said and done having taken a warrant to be candid in whatever that's being presented here, it'd be purely adventitious of me to veer away. This relentless flight of fancy is just a statement of the visage not what I wish to portray but that of what is. Be prepared for a share of wanton aberration, a sheer desultory cruise..
To me randomness is the ultimate signature of the infinite, the omnipotent.If I were to define two points of a venture one of embarking and another of cessation I wouldn't define 'em at all. Amenable behaviour does have its own bugs, sometimes, doesn't it ??
Like it does to everybody, this happens to you on having undergone a past fraught with likewise treatment. You realise.. inspite of being in the midst of all your fears and insecurities, you do like authoring your own rules. You awaken to the fact that you don't have to grope for directions.
Time sings a different tune to everybody's ears and my song hasn't been different either.My earliest memory although, goes much beyond, the interesting part began a few years later of which I make a mention now.
Here's a short glimpse of my early life.

There comes a time in everyone's lives when you come at a crossroad and you need to take one of 'em.and should I add : I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference ( With apologies to Robert Frost)
This time it meant leaving my hometown for another in pursuit of higher education. It meant a lot initially the thought of living not at home but in an unknown dwelling and with far more unknown members. Pretty soon enough I landed at Manipal...the sun never sets here.

                   Talking about life in context with its myriad issues has been a forte among many individuals. Out of own's accord is one thing to be forced to is another. I couldn't decide what it was, well for that matter, I still can't about one particular Nibscribe competition in college when something analogous happened to me. Here's that piece  when I dabbled in writing.

                  People do associate me with a lot of idiosyncrasies and undeniably I have my share of them. And am sure you have formed some such opinion on the basis of your last few clicks. For all the outlandish talk, there's inconsequential little to stop me on my tracks as I lay my deepest desires bare. You didn't ask for it so what??? I’d really want to..

                   It's some unit in space and time that we brand change, some chemical reaction that we call thought. To expect change the way thoughts go would definitely be a windfall to anyone's lives, but of what consequence is existence with the marked absence of a yen for more.Then there's so much it has to's which never stop to regale.
You'd always need these small things of life  to keep the engine running.

                   Can I forget to make a mention of something or somebody rather, who sees me running after, at present ?? How could I ? C'mon I told you I always had schmaltz dripping off my heart. Remember I am of the romantic variety??  There's this girl..

                   You'd have , I believe, endured me understandingly, for letting loose a capricious dose of naked individualism but modesty has never been a distant cousin leave alone a middle name.
It's more than 27 years since the date people tell me I was born.Wouldn't it have made less sense had I decided to curb the number of I's ??
I am sure it would...
When I was busy tripping on aspects like these,I landed an assignment that made me fall off in awe..can you imagine within a few days I became the "Computer Analyst" of the Indian Cricket Team???? Honestly at the moment,I am wondering whether to write all about it here or wait and make a commercial venture out of it !
Nevertheless till that time happens, if it does, you can read them here:  Analyses-Indian Cricket Team.
After all the hoopla of travelling around the world,I had to renounce the tag that I loved so with no fixed address.It soon became imperative that I stay put in some place..which happened to be Bangalore. Quite recently I moved lock,stock and barrel to Mumbai,the city I currently reside in. I also decided to answer corporatedom's call for 'post-grad management education' and enrolled myself in S P Jain Institute, Mumbai's, Executive MBA course. It's only a matter of time before I attempt to 'shift paradigms' in order to 'leverage' my 'core competency'.And this is where my story is right now.
Let’s talk something different for a change….You for instance ?? Sometime back I’d heard a maxim in public relations:
“Don’t worry about what people are thinking about you. For the simple reason that they are not thinking about you !!”
Yet if you have rightfully guessed I don’t like the above sentence too much, here’s a formal proposition: Please feel free to sign in the Guest Book with your comments/cribs. Should be interesting to know ‘em.

My Guest Book

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly..”


Sumeet Pai , sumeet_pai at yahoo dot com
First Published : April, 2001; Last Updated : November, 2005