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It mustíve been out of sheer instincts that we associate colours with emotions. Among them, black is usually used to refer to patterns we arenít happy about. Black Skies persist over the heads of those people whose life is on a downhill.
         Life in all its myriad forms presents a formidable challenge to each individual who embodies it. It will be a one-in-a-million chance that two individuals have lived the same life. Undoubtedly, itís pure coincidence. Itís not the physical aspect of mankind that alone has rekindled interest in the pursuit of perfection. The sense of consistency has come only through a series of well-thought morals and intellect. No one can deny the superiority of mind over matter. But, if one might say, every silver lining has a dark cloud inside it, the mind has many enemies. Stress, is one of them. The term Black Skies is just a smart camouflage of bad times.
The life of an individual involves hurdles all the way till the last breath. Fate is one such prime factor, which is like the trails of life that carry you.
Where does it go?
When will it stop? All these questions are a mystery. Thereíve been efforts made, innumerable of them, to pursue answers for these questions. Each one of them has made an impression out of them, quite unfortunately, in a way undecipherable to others. The glory of man lies in the fact that he has used his intellect in such a way, that Nature no longer has an admonition in store. The journey has surely been arduous, encountering all sorts of black skies on the way. Great are those men who didnít perish on the way but went with a strong heart.

         In the present context, we live in a world where invasions are all around us. Every element of nature has a foreboding point to its credit and none of us can ever think of bowing ourselves to these forces. Individuals lock themselves in mental battles in a ground marred by jealousy, superiority complex, et al. These have resulted in creating a world wherein all of us have an uncertain future. The next minute can be our last minute. But surely an optimist has a future. He wonít let patches of bad times have an irreproachable impact on him. People of such breed are the ones who stand against all the winds and hurricanes of life and provide a feeler to the black clouds on top of him that there is a challenge. The challenge of the human mind. The voice most powerful of all. It has been there since ages. It perhaps just needs a certain orientation. Since the mythical Pandora opened the dreaded box all the contents have made a base amongst us very strong to get rid of. But that doesnít mean we forget the ending of the story wherein she was forced to open the box again through which emerged Hope.
         Hope as itís often said that is the key that opens all the locks of melancholy seekers. Poets have penned lines about this, painters have spent years giving an expression of art, authors have done more research than anyone on this to bring and restore the unquestionable truth in men i.e. to search themselves and face the fight head-on. The mere belief in this adage has done wonders in this direction of clearing ourselves off troubles. Black Skies need to be turned into rainbows giving just one message-Never give up. A promised land, would never just remain an Utopia but would be a reality. Itís very apt to remember what the Brook said:
         ď For men may come and men may go,
            But I go on foreverĒ.
Forever this would be true. Only if we realized its significance.

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