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Life Means More....

Here are a few things that amuse me to the hiltÖ

MUSIC: I love Pink Floyd. Floyd and more Floyd. Barely would you have lived your life without having gone through the Floyd experience. Their psychedelic mix of sounds seldom fails to enthrall you. Time, Comfortably Numb,Take it Back and hazaar other numbers have created ripples in categories that never existed. More or less a surreal experience, it would be a treacherous exercise if anyone were to overlook anything Floyd has created.
I also value the sound created by U2 (With or without you is a masterpiece in itself.), Dire Straits and Robbie Williams.
Though my tastes hit a bit on the ends of the spectrum, if there exists one, I do try to manage an ear for both. Thatís the reason I also like Metallica. And so it is for GíNíR, Rush, Extreme, The Doors and INXS.
I strongly disfavour girl/boy bands.

FOOD: Am basically a hog and can consume lots of edible matter in one sitting. People who know me say that what I speak is more pronounced just after a lunch or a heavy meal. Thatís just a stamp of having had a good time, I guess!! The mess food I ate back in Hostel did little to simmer down my viandish pangs. In fact it only proliferated my basic urge for congenial food that I consumed in large quantities, whenever chance occurred. Have dabbled my hand in cooking and it came as a pleasant surprise that it did interest me. But only under strict supervision!! One fine day I almost killed myself with the cookerís top, which flew off inches away from my face.
All said and done, with Indian food tastes varying between places just miles away, thereís never been anything in particular that I didnít like.
For the simple reason of spending a considerable amount of time in the South of India, Iíve developed a liking for most local delicacies.
Good Food never stops appealing to me.

SPORTS: The Lifeblood. Feels incredible to digest the fact that it was indispensable to my life just a while ago!!! Now reduced to just a follower of all that I used to indulge in.
Football, my first love !!
If thereís one thing thatíd pull me off my chair involuntarily is an invitation to a Football match. True to the appellation it carries as being the world's most popular sport, I have always been fortunate enough to be along with the connoiseurs of the game.
Germany and Holland are my all time favourite teams. I strongly believe it is these two teams that have established standards for the game. I also have cogent feelings towards other sporting acts as Cricket, Tennis and lately Formula One.

BOOKS: have always been friends to lean upon in all times. Completing each and every one of the Hardy Boys Series back in School was one of the most gladsome moments. Then followed the times with Alistair Maclean, Arthur Hailey and a host of others. But none did leave a cultist effect, as did Ayn Randís piece de resistance ďFountainheadĒ. Very few know that Fountainhead has sold copies in numbers next only to the Bible. Not only is the word par excellence but is also sure to shake the very credence of a novice reader. It does so by either creating a purpose or by questioning one, wherever it may exist. "Atlas Shrugged" by the same author is another masterpiece in the same genre. I have also quite savoured the ingenuous and the unpretentious writings of Richard Bach. An established raconteur, an ideal guy to take along with on lazy holidays.
Nothing like a propitious novel at the right time.

MOVIES: "Movies are open doors, and at every door, I change character and life...I live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don't deny the past, but it's a page to turn."
Itíll be something more than fascination movies do to you. More than the ephemeral feel of having transported you to a short-lived world, a timed exertion of visual and sound entertainment does give a call to oneís intermittent lives.
Like I remember the person I wanted to be in life was just a celluloid star or the ideal home was an arcadian set. A tidy amount of my time in undergrad years were spent in movie theatres. The effortless availablity of latest flicks made things more simpler. The glee that is, is best left unexpressed as that is as going to the CinemaÖA lot of nebulous ideas arise if I were to pinpoint something Iíd like to do that could come up on screen.
Maybe Iíll direct a movie one dayÖ

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